Class Overview

Our adult classes are 1.5 hours long. They begin with stretching, warm-up and strengthening exercises—which is why it is very important to arrive on time for class and avoid injuries. The training portion of the class focuses on repetition of Capoeira movements to build strength, form and the endurance for the art. Classes end with a roda (capoeira circle). Portuguese language practice is an important aspect of class; we learn numbers, movements, songs and basic vocabulary while we train.

Beginners Capoeira

After completing our Intro to Capoeira Series, these classes cater to those with 0-4 years of capoeira or anyone looking to strengthen their capoeira foundation.  Physical conditioning, individual skills, drill combinations and musicality are the focus of these classes and are required before joining the All-Levels classes.

All Levels

These mixed-level classes build on the foundation developed in the Introduction to Capoeira series & Beginners classes and introduce students to a wider variety of combinations, kicks, dodges, acrobatics and take-downs.


Capoeira Brooklyn Kids classes focus on capoeira movements that encourage physical development, motor coordination and interaction with peers and adults. As many of these movements have Portuguese names it is also an excellent tool for teaching a new language. Students learn to play the instruments and sing as well to listen to the rhythms to guide their movements. Capoeira Brooklyn Kids creates a space where children can be playful, animated, graceful and expressive in a safe, fun, and disciplined environment.