Mestre CARIOCA, Carioca Capoeira: 4/29
Professora JOY, Capoeira Brasil: 5/20

Projeto Juntos na Capoeira is an initiative of Mestre Foca & Capoeira Vida with the intention to integrate the capoeira community in NYC/surrounding areas & highlight the richness of Capoeira teachers we have in our midst.  To begin we are hosting a monthly workshop + roda at our academy highlighting a local Capoeira teacher.  These workshops will be included in monthly class cards or for a $25 drop-in fee.  We welcome students from any group that would like to support the initiative.  Our hope is to connect Mestres, Contra-Mestres, Professores and students of different NYC (and surrounding area) capoeira groups with the intention of building relationship bridges to facilitate the healthy exchange of information, energy and muita capoeira!  Want to be part of Projeto Juntos Na Capoeira?  Reach out to us!

SALVE capoeira!